Bunting Format

Participants are required to prepare a bunting and stand to be displayed during the event. The bunting must be prepared according to the following specifications:

  • Maximum width (side to side) = 24 inches

  • Maximum height (top to bottom) = 72 inches

Please include the following information according to IIIDentEx format in the bunting as below:

  1. Name of the Project

  2. Leader, Project Members & Institution

  3. Introduction/ Background

  4. Problem statement

  5. Objectives

  6. Novelty

  7. Benefit(s) to the users

  8. Benefit to the society

  9. Commercialization potential

  10. Awards/recognition received

(Bunting must be free from language/grammatical errors)

Note: Please ensure that all your electronic devices (if any) are fully charged. Plug points will only be provided (upon request and subject to availability) for special equipment required for exhibition.

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